Board Meeting Minutes:

1st Quarter  : 1st Quarter 2020

                     : 1st Quarter 2021

                     : 1st Quarter 2022

                     : 1st Quarter 2023

                     : 1st Quarter 2024

2nd Quarter : 2nd Quarter 2020

                     : 2nd Quarter 2021

  : 2nd Quarter 2022

  : 2nd Quarter 2023

3rd Quarter  : 3rd Quarter 2020

                     : 3rd Quarter 2021

  : 3rd Quarter 2022

  : 3rd Quarter 2023

4th Quarter  : 4th Quarter 2020

                     : 4th Quarter 2021

                     : 4th Quarter 2022

                     : 4th Quarter 2023

Board Fiscal Information:

Legends Academy Annual Budget 2024-2025: Link
Legends Academy Annual Budget 2023-2024: Link
Legends Academy Annual Budget 2022-2023: Link
Legends Academy Annual Budget 2021-2022: Link
Legends Academy Annual Budget 2020-2021: Link
Legends Academy Annual Budget 2019-2020: Link

Legends Academy Fiscal Audit FYE June 30, 2017: Link
Legends Academy Fiscal Audit FYE June 30, 2018: Link
Legends Academy Fiscal Audit FYE June 30, 2019: Link
Legends Academy Fiscal Audit FYE June 30, 2020: Link
Legends Academy Fiscal Audit FYE June 30, 2021: Link
Legends Academy Fiscal Audit FYE June 30, 2022: Link
Legends Academy Fiscal Audit FYE June 30, 2023: Link

Empowering Parents, Protecting Students

The safety of Florida’s public school students is of the utmost importance. The Department of Education is committed to
closely with local school districts to ensure that Florida public schools and classrooms are safe and healthy
for our children. Students are not only protected by their teachers, school staff, principals, and resource officers,
also by district personnel, state officials and law enforcement officers. While school administrators and teachers are
valued professionals and members of our communities, we must all work together to hold Florida school administrators
teachers to a high standard of ethics and principles. Unfortunately, school administrator and teacher misconduct occurs
is a serious concern for communities, schools, school districts and states across the country. If you suspect that a
has been harmed or is threatened with harm by a school administrator or licensed teacher, contact the Florida
of Children & Families (DCF) toll-free at 1-800-96-ABUSE. Further information about reporting abuse may be found on
DCF Web site at
You may also contact your local school district because each district has its own process for handling allegations of

Parent Family Engagement Plan:

2023-2024 Legends Academy (English): Link
2023-2024 Legends Academy (Haitian Creole): Link
2023-2024 Legends Academy (Spanish): Link

Academic Performance and School Improvement Plan:

2023-2024 Legends Academy: Link
2023-2024 Legends Academy Haitian Creole Version: Link
2023-2024 Legends Academy Spanish Version: Link
Parental Rights in Education F.S.1001.42(8)(c) Expressed Concerns: Link

Governing Board Members (2024 – 2025)

The School Board meetings are held at 5:30 PM on the third Tuesday of each month, except July and December.

  • Dr. Judith Levin, Board Chair
  • Rebecca Ford
  • Robert Duncan

Board Services:

Susan Ehrhart

School Board Parent Involvement Representative:

Dr. Jennifer Porter Smith
( 407) 245-8767.

Public Records Request:

Email request to:

Board Contact:
( 407) 245-8767.

Legends Front Office – 3032 Monte Carlo Trail Drive Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. –
4:00 p.m.

Please call (407) 985-5195 if you have

CIPA Policy

Click here for the CIPA Policy

Out of Field Teachers

When a teacher in a school is assigned teaching duties in a class dealing with subject matter that is outside the field in which the teacher is certified, outside the field that was the applicant’s minor field of study, or outside the field in which the applicant has demonstrated sufficient subject area expertise, as determined by the district school board policy in the subject area to be taught, the parents of all student shall be notified in writing and the information be posted on the school’s website. The teachers listed below are Out of Field for English as a Second Language (ESOL) and are actively working through the requirements to complete the certification for ESOL. For further information, please contact our child’s teacher or request an appointment with the Director by calling the main office at (407) 985-5195.